We Publish Syndicated Press Releases for Our Clients

The results of a press release we just syndicated for our client were that it was published on 304 of the ‘top media outlets’. His press release ranked on the front page of Google for over FIFTY keywords and more than half of them were in the # 1 position. We achieved these results in just a few hours.

So, here are the 8 major benefits our clients receive: 

1-Massive exposure on 200+ high authority media outlets

2-All the outlets that they are published on send a powerful backlink to their website which Google loves to see and helps with their ranking

3-The client gets to craft the exact message that they want everyone to see

4-They help with the client’s reputation because their message is being promoted by the media outlets for more credibility

5-Each release becomes a powerful digital asset that can be used in many ways such as to post on a blog or Facebook

6-The digital asset will remain online for a very long time

7-Because the client address is included in the press release they receive a citation (name, address and phone number) back from each media outlet. This is another signal that Google loves to see and helps with the company ranking

8-The Local Search Engine Optimization results where they are getting ranked on the front page of Google for 10, 20, 30, 40, or even 50 plus keywords in a matter of hours. Many of the keywords are in the # 1 position

Imagine how impressive it is when people searching for your type of business find press releases published from ‘High Authority’ media outlets that deliver the exact message you  want them to see.

This could be the “Best Bang for the Buck” available through online marketing. Call us today to find out how you can get these types of results for your business quickly. Why wait for the competition to contact us first? Call TODAY!

Don’t worry we walk you through each step and guarantee your results.

Dave Miles

Miles Internet Marketing http://MilesInternetMarketing.com