This Article Could Save You a Ton of Money!

Here is a brief article from Manta to help protect your computer from Ransomeware.

Don’t let hackers steal your sensitive data. Here are ways you can prevent ransomware attacks and keep your small business secure.

Hackers keep developing novel ways to exploit vulnerabilities and take your money. One of the latest threats is ransomware, and it’s only becoming more popular.
“As the name suggests, ransomware is a computer malware that locks all your data on your computer by encrypting it and demands a ransom payment to restore it,” said Anurag Sharma, principal of WithumSmith+Brown’s cybersecurity consulting practice. “Usually the ransom amount is a few hundred dollars, unless you are an institution like a hospital, in which case the ransom amount can run to thousands of dollars.”
Obviously, this kind of attack could be devastating to a small business. How can you reduce your risk of having important data held for ransom? Ervis Zeqo, IT security consultant and owner of eMazzanti Technologies, has some tips.
If you conduct regular backups of your data on a separate drive, then you’ll still be able to access what you need even if you are the victim of a ransomware attack.
Install the latest malware protection, such as APT and DNS based protection.
Educate employees on the danger of opening unrecognized email attachments.
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