Social Media Mistake That Can Hurt Your Business

Thinking Your Target Audience Doesn’t Use Social Media


You’re not alone if you’re worried that you’d be wasting your time and energy in starting a Social Media campaign with the standard sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or Twitter. You might be thinking your target market doesn’t hang out there.


You might think that social media is just, well, “social, but not for the serious business owner. But consider these facts:


The sheer number of people and businesses using the major social networks today is just staggering – all of them have more than a BILLION users in total. Facebook users alone who sign in at least once in a while are more than 1.3 BILLION. Seriously…how can that be ignored?


Pinterest statistics tell us that 82% of women and a little over 50% of men remain active after beginning their Pinterest activities.


If you think that social media is just for staying in contact with your family members or your friends, you’d be wrong. The truth should wake you up concerning Social Media.


Almost 50% of Facebook users alone have stated that what they see on Facebook has influenced them to buy something. So, it stands to reason that Social Media is a viable marketing tool for any business that may be looking to connect with and reach more potential customers, in addition to staying in touch with existing clients, customers and patients.