Social Media Marketing Can Improve sales

Thinking Social Media Marketing Won’t Increase Your Sales

Traditional marketing, the old-fashioned way, is where you pay money for “interruptive marketing” and just hope for the best. It’s a one-way street, for sure.

However, up-to-date statistics are telling us that over 69% of small businesses have actually acquired new customers through Facebook!

Social media marketing takes a different approach to marketing and requires a certain level of subtlety and an ability to really connect with people, understand their problems, and come up with ways to address and solve them.

Some businesses make the mistake of using social media simply as a way to “advertise” and “hard-sell” their products and services. However, they end up disappointed because social media users expect businesses to share valuable information that is useful, interesting, and engaging.

Once a certain level of trust is built upon these factors, the sales will naturally flow as a result. Furthermore, they will be more open to an occasional “promotion” as long as you build up the relationships by constantly updating your social media statuses, presenting helpful information, running contests and using other methods to create an engaging experience.

This is not an overnight sensation. It is a process of building trust and getting your contacts to engage with you in order to build a long term relationship.

You may be surprised to learn that many of your fans and followers will communicate back via comments, questions or even suggestions about what they would like from your company.

Mr Miles relaxing after a full day of social media marketing