Reputation Marketing Is Critical To Your Business (Part 2 of 5)

A Good Business Reputation Marketing Strategy

You should use a top notch reputation marketing service to help you implement a proper and effective campaign to build maintain and possibly repair your reputation online. It’s important that you monitor your social presence, you will be able to see anything negative being said about your business, and nip it in the bud quickly. As in the real world, the best way to manage your online reputation ultimately is to provide an excellent service. Miles Internet Marketing offers a complete Reputation Marketing package and we will guide you through the entire process of monitoring, defending, building, and marketing your reputation for your local business. Knowing what steps to take if you are a victim of an attack on your reputation or the reputation of your business is critical. You may have the patience not to act on negative comments about you or your business but your prospects and customers may not be as forgiving. It is imperative that you respond in a professional manner to any bad reviews. Doing this has several advantages. First you show that you are responsive to complaints and try to make things right. Second this shows other potential customers that you take reviews from your customers seriously.

Reputation Management VS Reputation Marketing

By taking the time to get engaged on social media you can have an opportunity to observe what others are saying about you and your business. Every marketer knows there is a big difference between your social media reach and your social media engagement. Even if you do not take part in much social media, it pays to know exactly all the content that pertains to you. If you do not have the time or the skill to track the social sites that contain comments and reviews about you then you should hire a firm with the capability to do that for you. The monitoring phase is what is referred to as Reputation Management. You will want to take the next step and work with a company that can help you build a 5 star reputation and then use that as a marketing tool to help your business shine. This phase is the Reputation Marketing portion of you online presence. The benefits of using your 5 star reputation for marketing is that lots of people online get to see how highly thought of you are in the eyes of your customers.


Marketing Your Reputation Development Strategy

Your reputation marketing provider must have the skills and knowledge to be able to recommend which strategies are going to give you the best result for your reputation marketing spend. Our firm offers a complete set of tools to help you make this happen. Once you have managed to get some high rated reviews, your struggle is only partially won. You need to maintain a sharp eye out for any bad reviews that may crop up in spite of all your efforts. We all know you can’t please everyone and there is that portion of the population that is intent on complaining about everything. Using a professional reputation marketing company could make life a lot easier and you could enjoy long lasting results.

Some Negative Reviews On Yelp


Almost 9 out of 10 consumers have looked at reviews in the last 12 months to help them make a decision on a local business. Even great businesses get some negative reviews on Yelp from time to time. You have to make a decision, not IF you should respond, but HOW you should respond. Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google+ and other review sites can be damaging if all you have is poor reviews. But, it’s really great to hear from a businesses making the most of Yelp and the other review sites. With lots of great reviews they are getting a many benefits out of them.